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North Dakota Strategic Sustainability Consultants Deliver Practical, Results-Driven Life Cycle Management
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North Dakota Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Consultants
Exceeding your Expectations about a North Dakota Sustainability and Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement ConsultantWe want to exceed your expectations regarding a qualified North Dakota Sustainability, ISO 14001, or Lean 6σ Continuous Improvement Consultant...
North Dakota Sustainability and Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Consultant Education
You expect a North Dakota Sustainability or Continuous Improvement Consultant has formal training. Our lead Consultant has a
  • Ph.D. Environmental Eng. - Drexel;
  • MBA - National Technological Univ.;
  • M. Engineering - Cornell; and
  • B.S. Electrical Eng - Lehigh; and has
  • Certifications in:
    • Prof. Eng. (PA PE088689; MD 0054206; MI 6201068668); and
    • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.
North Dakota Sustainability and Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Consultant Experience
You expect a Sustainability, ISO 14001, or Continuous Improvement Consultant in North Dakota has practical experience. Our's include:
  • COO - Legendary Arms Works;
  • Engineering Mgr. - Production, General Mgr., & Dir. of Eng. - Brentwood Ind.;
  • COO - Covega
  • Sen. Sourcing Mgr. - A. T. Kearney;
  • VP - CeLight, Inc.;
  • Director, Sen. Mgr., Technical Mgr., Member of Technical Staff - Lucent Technologies and AT&T Laboratories.
Life Cycle Management and Lean 6σ Continuous Improvement Team Building
Lastly, you expect a North Dakota Sustainability, ISO 14001, or Continuous Improvement Consultant has team building and communication skills. We have decades of experience with
  • HR Management;
  • Employee Involvement Programs;
  • Morale Improvement Programs;
  • Career Development;
  • Safety Initiatives;
  • Union and Non-Union Workforce Leadership; and
  • Communicating with Stakeholders at All Levels.
Keeping Current with Sustainability, Lean 6σ and Contiunuous Improvement
You expect your Sustainability, Lean 6σ and or Continuous Process Improvement Consultant to stay current. We do through
  • Continuing Education - 92 hrs /yr.;
  • Conferences: 2 - 4 /yr.;
  • Industry Journals - Sustainability, Social Ecology, Logistics, Materials Handling, Plant Operations, and many more;
  • Peer Reviewed Academic Literature;
  • Professional Societies - 10+; and
  • Professional Social Media Groups - Life Cycle Assessment, Lean Six Sigma, Life Cycle Initiative, Sustainable Development, and many more.
Find out the details about how we stay current.
Best Choice for a Sustainability and Lean Six Sigma Continuous Improvement Consultant
You simply won't find a more qualified Sustainability, ISO 14001, or Lean 6σ Consultant in North Dakota.
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Uniquely Qualified North Dakota Sustainability & ISO 14001 Consultants

Our Sustainability Consultants have decades of experience in Design, Manufacturing, Data Analysis, and Continuous Improvement. Led by a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering who also holds a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, we provide unparalleled expertise in ISO 14001, Life Cycle Thinking, ISO 14001 Certification, Life Cycle Management, Life Cycle Assessment, and Life Cycle Costing.

We're dedicated to protecting and improving the environment by developing North Dakota Green Businesses by implementing Life Cycle Management. However, as experienced business leaders, we're equally dedicated to your business, its profitability, and growth.

As you'll discover by reading this page, the two goals are not mutually exclusive. In fact, in today's business climate, you'll find out why business prosperity and growth depend upon implementing Sustainable Practices.

Discover more about Sustainability...

What is Sustainability and Why It's Crucial to North Dakota Businesses?

Sustainability refers to processes in balance, considering environmental, economic, and social factors.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability impacts every aspect of a Green Business
  • Replacement and Conservation of Natural Resources.
  • Avoiding Damage to the Ecosystem while working to improve the environment.
  • Setting Goals to become Sustainable in the future.
Sustainability Consultants Create Sustainable Business Policies
When most people hear the word Sustainability, they think about Environmental Sustainability which involves protecting the Earth and preserving the Earth's ability to sustain human life. You can't turn on the news without hearing about Environmental Sustainability and Green Energy. Consumers are more educated and informed about environmental issues than ever before.

It doesn't matter whether you agree or disagree with the concept of Global Warming and the threat Global Warming poses to the environment. The fact remains that an ever-growing majority of consumers of products and services and regulating governmental agencies, both in The United States and globally, do believe Environmental Sustainability is crucial.

While Environmental Sustainability is at the forefront, other categories of Sustainability must be considered.

Sustainable Employment Practices

Are your employees
  • Provided sufficient pay and benefits to maintain a reasonable lifestyle in their community?
  • An acceptable and safe working environment?

Consumers do care that businesses they deal with treat people well.

Sustainable Business Practices

Ensuring all Supply Chain Providers are

  • ethical; and
  • providing materials certified to be friendly to the environment.

Business Case for North Dakota Businesses to Adopt Sustainability and Life Cycle Thinking

Strategic Sustainability Consulting benefits the environment, profitability, and growth.

Sustainability is not a future concern for North Dakota businesses, it's here now. Addressing Sustainability is an imperative and embraced by industry leaders like Nike; Adidas; Unilever; Nestlé; Walmart; Ikea; H&M; Pepsi; and Coca-Cola. Clearly, North Dakota companies big and small intending to maintain market share let alone grow need to address Sustainability.

Sustainability and Life Cycle Management make perfect business sense. Here's why.
  • Consumer conscience drives people to purchase goods and services from proven Sustainable Businesses.
  • Investors and other stakeholders, both because of personal beliefs and interest in growth-oriented companies proactively responding to Sustainability conscious consumers, tend to invest in companies with serious Sustainable Programs.
  • Reduces the risk that customers for your products or services, implementing their Sustainability Programs, may find alternative sourcing because your business is not Sustainable or on a clear path to Sustainability.
  • Enjoy the strategic competitive advantage of advancing Sustainability before your competition thereby differentiating your product(s) from competitor's and increasing market share.
  • Protect and build brand image.
  • Sustainability conscious employees are more dedicated, enhance the company's reputation through social media, and exhibit less turnover working for Green Companies.
  • Most Sustainability and Sustainable Products Development initiatives result in short and long-term cost savings.
    • Aren't we always interested in reducing waste and improving efficiency?
    • We have to comply with government regulations. Certainly, compliance takes precedence over Sustainability. However, why not take a Sustainable Life Cycle Management approach which goes over and above basic compliance and better prepares us for certain stricter regulations while improving our corporate image?

How We Help You Implement Strategic Sustainability Policies

Aftan Sustainable Development Consultants Provide Affordable, Practical Expertise

Every North Dakota business is unique. There's no "One Size Fits All" approach to implementing Sustainability. The optimal Sustainability Plan depends on hundreds of factors.

Sustainable Consultants assure Sustainable Policies fit your business.
Is your current Sustainability Program, well, unsustainable? Is the only thing "green" about your Sustainability Initiatives the money going out the door trying to make it work? Call us. We'll make sure you get a round peg for that round hole.

When implementing Sustainability, it's crucial not to impact your existing products or services negatively. Sometimes you can implement Sustainability with no ill effects on your existing products or services. In other situations, it may be necessary to add additional Sustainable Products appealing to customers searching for Green Companies.

Perform Cost/Benefit studies to determine which approach is best for your unique business situation. Aftan Sustainable Engineering assures you consider all important factors.

Beware of computer programs that suggest you don't need Sustainability expertise. Sustainability programs are excellent and we use those software packages. However, understanding the variables to enter is difficult. If you enter wrong data, the program will produce incorrect results. Furthermore, you're dealing with algorithms that aren't perfect. The bottom line is that if you don't know what you're doing, you can deceive yourself.

  • are very familiar with available software;
  • do know what to enter and the ramifications; and
  • lastly, know how to properly interpret the results.
Minimize your risk and maximize returns. Call our expert Sustainability Consultants today at 610-914-1356.

You Won't Find Better North Dakota Sustainability Consultants

That's because we
  • Compare multiple designs to understand their respective impacts to the environment, as well as their cost.
  • Understand how the environment is impacted by your company’s products and processes, along with cost, to identify opportunities for environmental and economic improvement.
  • Implement operational controls into your design and development process to address the three pillars of sustainability – economic cost, environmental impact and social impact.
  • Quantify the environmental impact of the continuous improvement changes you’ve made in support of your ISO 14001 initiatives.
  • Broaden your view of environmental impact from only the manufacturing or delivery phase to include use and end of life in support of your ISO 14001 initiatives.
  • Identify opportunities to recycle or re-use in support of environmental circularity.
  • Identify opportunities to design with materials that are more recycling-friendly.
  • Account for a complete sustainability picture of your product or your company including economic, environmental and social factors.
  • Drive improvement in your environmental footprint via what you can control as well as what you can influence.
  • Define the life cycle of products and services to strengthen your Environmental Management System (EMS).
  • Analyze manufacturing data to identify opportunities for improvement in
    • yield improvement;
    • scrap reduction;
    • cycle time;
    • cost reduction;
    • efficiency; and
    • lastly, supply chain optimization.

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North Dakota Sustainability Consultant, ISO 14001 Certification & Continuous Process Improvement Expert, and Lean 6 σ Black Belt Environmental Engineer Lisa Peterson
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Lisa Peterson, Ph.D., PE, MBA is the President of Pennsylvania-based Aftan Engineering and presently licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Michigan. Lisa is a uniquely qualified professional Sustainability, ISO 14001, and Continuous Process Improvement Consultant with a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering, a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification, 30 years' engineering experience, and has held high-level management positions. Read Lisa's Resume.
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