Rethink Before You Dispose

Sustainability and Contiunous Improvement Expert Lisa Peterson
Lisa Peterson is a professional Sustainability, ISO 14001, and Continuous Process Improvement Consultant. Lisa also has the 3D Printing Services you need to help you successfully implement “Rethinking” in your company.

Did you ever throw away a favorite tool, an otherwise working appliance, or another unit simply because a piece of plastic broke or a piece of metal corroded, and you couldn’t get a replacement part? If you answered “Yes!”, this story might sound familiar.

One small but critical piece breaks.  So, you contact or attempt to contact the company who made the tool, appliance, or unit. You find out that

  • you have an old model without replacement parts, or
  • the company is no longer in business.

You try tape, wire or other repairs, but it just doesn’t work correctly.  Reluctantly, you then dispose of the entire item because this one small critical, irreplaceable piece is broken.  However, before you throw the item away the next time this situation arises, let’s consider an exciting new technology to make the part.

3D Printing can extend the life of an item and even improve the part making it more efficient because 3D printing

  • is especially well-suited for making custom parts for repairs so it saves you money and extends the useful life of that item,  and
  • amazingly, gives you the ability to make a modification to better suit how you use the item.

Rethinking Makes Repair, and Reuse a Reality

Whether in a home, office, or manufacturing setting, finding ways to reuse or repair an asset you already own is usually both cost-saving and environmentally-friendly.

The Sustainability Rs (R Words) include

  • Reduce;
  • Reuse;
  • Repair, and
  • Recycle.

However, without “Rethinking” (another key “R” Word in Sustainability), the item is likely to end up in the waste pile. Hopefully, the disposal process includes recycling. However, you might wind up placing the item in a landfill or incinerating it.  “Rethinking” is crucial because it makes “Repair” and “Reuse” a reality.

In conclusion, the next time a broken piece on a favorite item has you thinking about disposing of the item, “Rethink” that decision.  3D Printing might cost-effectively allow you to repair and reuse that item.

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