Distancing in Manufacturing and Retail Operations to Support Covid 19 Guidelines

Manufacturing Distancing Expert Lisa Peterson
Lisa Peterson is uniquely qualified to help you safely reopen your business. Lisa has a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and decades of manufacturing experience.

Distancing in manufacturing and retail operations is a requirement for any business ready to reopen.  Therefore, as you start to open or as the number of on-site employees increases, it won’t be business as usual. Whether you are in an industrial or retail setting, day to day activities will likely require changes. Ergonomic solutions are necessary to allow for distancing and include

  • eliminating shared tools and common touchpoints;
  • enabling the operation of equipment by a single employee by designing and using fixtures and jigs, and
  • lastly, implementing a logical one-way flow of production through your facility.

Why We Are Well-Qualified to Help You With Distancing

We have experienced Lean Six Sigma experts.  Furthermore, we have decades of experience in Manufacturing Optimization and Continuous Process Improvement. That’s crucial because distancing often presents opportunities to increase productivity. Therefore, Aftan Engineering is highly qualified to help your business implement the right approach tailored specifically for you. We will work directly with you to understand your challenges and provide solutions with the safety of your employees, customers, and clients in mind. However, there’s more.

You can get distancing implemented in your manufacturing operations faster by choosing us. Here’s why.

Other distancing consultants may make suggestions. However, now it’s up to you, or for you to find someone, to

  • create the design;
  • choose the materials;
  • manufacture the components; and
  • lastly, install the jig or fixture.

When you partner with Aftan, we can often take responsibility for every step of the project. You can count on us to quickly get the job done from concept to successful implementation because we have

  • a machine shop;
  • 3D Printing capabilities; and
  • very importantly, a wide breadth of engineering disciplines in house.

We’re also there to work out the bugs.

Contact us today to discuss your needs.

Best Practices for Reopening and Distancing in Manufacturing

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