Metrics to Measure Sustainability – Which one? Why? Huh?

Pennsylvania Sustainability and Lean 6σ Continuous Process Improvement Consultant Lisa Peterson
Lisa Peterson is the President of Aftan Engineering. Lisa is an expert in the metrics best suited to express your sustainability initiatives to your company’s stakeholders.

We hear so much about global warming. But what about other impacts on our earth?  Sometimes the metrics show that one solution to a problem may have less impact on global warming, but more impact on human health or smog formation.

There are several metrics available to you, i.e. your carbon footprint and water footprint. How have you considered these different metrics in your analyses? Do you know which metrics to include? Do you have a clear understanding of the questions your metrics are attempting to answer?

We can help you by looking at your unique business profile and help you determine the best metrics to communicate your sustainability initiatives and answer the important questions asked by your

  • customers;
  • employees; and
  • other stakeholders.

Pennsylvania-based Aftan Engineering offers expert Sustainability and Lean 6σ Continuous Process Improvement Consulting Services throughout the United States. Visit our website at to discover more. Call Us at 610-914-1356 or Contact Us Online.

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